PaleBluePrint v1

PaleBlueDot was created to be the grass in an endless sea of screens. To be a place of complete trust and transparency. To be a global community that gathers as one, for the one.

$Earth is a message
$Earth is a collective
$Earth is a legacy project
$Earth is the sum of it’s parts


Supply: One $Earth
Max Transaction: One Percent
Max Wallet: Two Percent
Tax: 2% in, 2% out

Tax Allocation

While taxes can be seen as a barrier to volume, the intent of the tax structure is to reward holders, bring value, support growth of the project and our overarching mission.

I’ll be working on automating taxes so that the operations wallet is distributed to the PBYC members and the Earth fund wallet goes directly into a multi sig wallet. I don’t want anyone to question whether or not the taxes are being used for personal gain.

Further out, as a collective, we may decide to adjust allocations based on the needs of $Earth and our initiatives.

Earth Fund

Will be distributed to organizations dealing with current initiatives. To be decided by the PBYC.

PaleBlueYacht Club

The one percenters DAO. The DAO will largely govern the direction of $Earth. Additionally, they will receive 0.5% of volume.


Holders will have the opportunity to send $Earth shares to the "recycle" wallet. From the shares sent to this wallet, 25% will be raffled back to participants, 50% will be donated and 25% will be burned forever.

Introducing the PaleBlueDapp ($Earth Ecosystem)

NFT Series One: the Solar Collection

The series will consist of: the sun, eight planets (one earth), and 146 moons

The series will be minted through the PaleBlueDapp. Owners will then be able to stake their NFts. The rarity will determine the percentage of rewards. This is the only series that will offer staking rewards. The person who mints the one PaleBlueDot will receive the highest staking value as well as a handmade art piece.

Series two will be centered around our first official initiative. A percentage of subsequent NFT series sales will be allocated to the earth fund.

Initiative Schedule

Q3: The plastic problem.

We’re going to start here because I believe it’s a problem that we can all have an impact on in our own day-to-day lives.

Q4: To be decided by the community.

Collective Governance

A project is the community. This has to be a community led project. I am here to assist, and build based on the wishes of the community. We have to come together as ONE and move as a collective. The stage is set.

The Stage

MultiChain Expansion

I will finance the launch on Base with my own funds and allocations once we reach a $2M market cap.
As we grow we can continue to add chains. We are all one after all.


Core Team

Ryan - Founder
David - Full Stack Blockchain Developer

The Future of $Earth

That’s for the community to decide. I have had grandiose ideas, like eventually backing $Earth with actual land. I think we need to focus on step one, which is growing this project and furthering our message. The future of $Earth is in the hands of the holders. I am here to work with you all and make the collective desires a reality.

We hold $Earth in our hands.

Style Guide


Pale-Blue - #ADD8E6
White - #FFFFFF
Black - #000000

Font - Orbitron


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